Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Emu Fatherhood, a two month wait!

For the uninformed, Emu males hatch the eggs, mind the nest, and raise their young all by themselves. For some reason, female Emus just lay their eggs then desert their man and their offspring. The male Emu spends two to three months without food, tending the nest, and then the next year or so watching over his offspring. Kudos to the Male Emu for his devoted parenting, and his devotion to home and family. In this painting I tried to convey the exhausted delight of a new dad, and the fragile, fatigue of chicks that have pecked their way out of eggs. Hard work on all parties involved, but great delight in the faces of the new Born's and their father. May we all have such a loving devoted parent, and form strong familial bonds. I think I only have one more Emu painting to go, and then I'm done for a while. That is unless my brain dreams another painting up. Take care, paint what you love, and write when you get work.


Lee said...

Annie, while reading the blog tonight there were times when I thought the mother emu was very smart. love them, leave them and not have the sorrow and worry but then I remembered the warm wonderful feeling of holding my newborn babies next to me, knowing that I would love these little beings with my whole heart for all times regardless of whatever sorrow they might bring to me, the joy of their being alive here on earth always would outstrips any sorrow, which made me wind up thinking what a smuck the female emu is to miss such an experience. Kudos for the father who is looking rather frantic but very loving. You have a great talent and I am proud to have you as my friend.

Chabrier said...

Dear Lee it's so easy to love newborns, you literally just fall in love. I think frantic, is a good description for 2 months of starvation, losing 1/3 your body weight, and then being the sole parent of between 10 to 20 offspring all at once. Male Emus do not have an easy life (I personally don't know anyone who does!), but I agree I loved being a parent and I love children. The female is a schmuck for deserting her family, and missing out on a wonderful experience with both her husband and her children. Lee keep on painting, and working with your talent. I know life is tough right now, but somehow it will improve. Have faith, keep on painting, and write when you get work!