Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Friday, April 11, 2008

Grandma's Tea Cups Watercolor Tutorial

Watercolor is a natural medium to choose when painting the delicacy of China tea cups. These Tea Cups were collected by my Grandma when she was a young woman, and then willed to me. I decided to paint a memory, and record the beauty of her lovely gift to me. I have completed and framed 3 Tea cup paintings, and am working on 6 more. This series of images records the progress from drawing stage to finished framed product. These frames are again purchased at Aaron Brothers, and were part of their 50% off 50% Sale. You may think I'm a walking advertisement for Aaron Brothers, but in this case you would be too. this is a regularly priced frame at $14.99. During their specially marked down sales of 50% off 50% this frame with tax probably cost $4.00 and change. That includes glass, and backing. All you have to do is assemble your art work, and buy a mat that works with your art work, and put the hanger wire and eye screws on. For Artists on tight budgets, and trying to get their work in shows (where they have to be framed according to show rules) Aaron Brothers is a dream come true. Check out their sales on Bristal Paper Tablets (the tea cups are done on Strathmore Smooth Bristol Paper) and Watercolor Tablets. Many times they have sales where Tablets of Paper are 1/2 off also. The Tea Cups are done on Smooth Bristol cut to 5"x7". I photographed the tea cups, but also worked from the tea cup right in front of me. They are done with Transparent Watercolor, and I used a Windsor Newton Field Kit, and the colors within, because it didn't take up much room on my dining room table. I made a pencil drawing first, and then painted the Tea Cup with shadow. The Lace Table cloth was painted after I had finished painting the tea cup. However, I always adjust highlights, shadows, line work, and color before I sign my paintings, mat, and frame them. If these images, and this information prompts you to have more questions in your quest for painting knowledge click on comments and let me know. Granny and Kim at our Web Site have been after me to film a tutorial
and your comments and interest will sway me in the direction I take. I still want to finish all these paintings, but I will make time for filming and making the DVD's if there is enough interest in my process.
Keep painting what you know and love. Have faith in your abilities, and remember every painting has moments where you wonder what you were thinking to start it in the first place. Never surrender, Never give up! Write when you get work! Annie


Lee said...

Love the how-to, Annie, it is interesting and easy to follow. Hope you do some more of these types of instructions. Great poem as well, in other words, this is a terrific blog. Keep painting and posting, please.

Lee said...

Annie, love the easy explanation of the tea cups. Great blog.

zees5 said...

This is beautiful! I would love to see a video tutorial as I am a novice painter, and I do mean novice ):

Your lacework is beautiful. Lovely teacup too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.