Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rooster Chickens and Frogs Oh my!

Yes, I love little frogs too.  I love every creature God created except perhaps flies and mosquitos, but because ducks, frogs, and chickens enjoy eating these pesky little critters I accept the neccessity of them being in this world.  Each creature fills a very needed niche in the worlds natural order of things, and each one is facinating in its' own right.  I have been speaking with a lovely lady farmer and photographer, and she has Icelandic Chickens (a breed I had never heard of) and Icelandic Sheep that are very good for milk, cheese, meat, and their wool is fabulous for spinning and knitting or crocheting.  I like to crochet, but knitting involves too much counting for me so I don't do it.  No she has photographed her world extensively, and given me permission to paint her lovely and very handsome Icelandic chickens so be prepared for more chickens on this blog.   The name of the farm is "Mack Hill Farm" in NH and the lovely woman is Lisa Richards.  She has some beautiful Roosters, and beautiful yarns for sale in her virtual store.  I will post more info once I get some of her chickens painted.  I've drawn up about 6 already, and because her roosters are so handsome I am sure I will draw up more. 
For today enjoy the frogs and ducks, and the little Broody hen with her sweet, loving, and diverse new family.  Write if I have work, and share YOUR chickens with me.  I will paint them with your permission, and immortalize them in paint in all their quirky splendor.  I also love to paint sheep, goats, cows, ducks, cats and dogs.  Send me your favorite pictures, and keep an old woman busy and out of trouble.  I love being productive, and I also love the pictures of children and grandchildren holding their favorite chicken or family pet.  Thank you for stopping by, and be sure to write if I get work.  Happiness is a job well done.  Enjoy your day, and all the small, sweet, good things that are there for us to enjoy and appreciate every day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chickens Roosters and Hens

More Chickens in all their great variety, large, colorful, bold and beautiful.  Chickens have such color and size diversity from the little bantams that are no taller than a coke can to the tall heavy and plump Rhode Island Reds, Brahmas, and Buckeyes.  Enjoy the chickens in all their diversity and splendor.  These were painted this weekend, and I've also been working on some drawings of the wizard Marion Skydancer, but in a new role.  That is the beauty of drawing, and painting you can change direction and change your mind at a moments notice.  Write if I get work, and keep on drawing and painting.  You can only improve your skills, and get better with each painting you complete.  Never surrender, never give up, and take each day with all the joys and problems one step at a time.  Have a good day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

One Painting at a Time

I'm taking everyday one at a time, and each drawing or painting one at a time. There is no grand plan, just blank paper or canvas and something I see that cries out to be turned into some form of art.
I'm drawing the illustrations for a book, but I haven't found a particular direction so I may do the drawings on toned paper with pencil and white charcoal, and then see where I want to go from there. It's getting cold, it's going to rain, and sometimes the energy to be full of enthusiasm just isn't there.
Our Aaron Brothers at the corner is going to close down, for there are not enough customers to sustain the store. This is very disconcerting because they were a wonderful addition to our rural community. I will miss Greg, and Marlene and all the good products and services they have delivered over the past 10 years. Thank you Aaron Brothers you are a great store even though you only stayed for a while. I will miss you, and the people who worked there. Things change, and they are also closing the Michaels that is close by, so our access to art supplies will have to be from the internet. It's a Sad Day for the artists of East County San Diego. :(

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marion Skydancer the Beauty of the Man

Sometimes in life you draw from your head and heart, and then you put those drawings away because you have too much to do in your busy artistic life. I am 61 years old, and I joined an art group called Deviant Art about 2 years ago. In that time I have written to the stock photographer Marion Skydancer, and drawn pictures of him many times over. These images of a long haired, white bearded man are based on the beautiful photographs taken of Marion Skydancer. Sometimes he takes my breath away, because to me he is regal, kind, generous, and a very active model and photographer. He is both old and ageless. His work is beautiful, and so is the man. Sometimes in life the drawings we make are based on the future, and what dreams will come. Marion Skydancer is the answer to those dreams. View his work at :devSkydancer-stock: on Deviant Art. It's wonderful to have a muse. Thank you Marion for all the images and the work you do! Find what you love to do, and do it. You will never regret the work you accomplish while following your heart. Write is I get work, and let me know if you get work. I will cheer you on. Have a good day, and let your work follow your heart.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rooster Watercolor Portraits

It's fun to choose a subject, and draw and paint Roosters and chickens in all their diversity. I have never had the time to just devote myself to the same subject, and then paint to my hearts content. I know I will soon move on to some other animal, flower, or bird, but for now I will enjoy the beauty and comedy of chickens, increase my knowledge, increase my skills, and use my time wisely.
I have some books I've written for children that need to be illustrated, some large very involved paintings in the studio that need to be completed but they will have to wait. It's winter, spring is some time away, and about 10" of rain is forecast to fall this week. I think I will stick with the small simple pleasures of life, a hot cup of coffee, warm cocoa, or soothing hot tea, small paintings, intimate watercolors and a cozy fire to keep me warm. Sometimes small simple pleasures are much more satisfying then big, bold and exciting. Sometimes a hug, and a shoulder to rest your head on is satisfying enough. I think I will continue to explore the colorful world of chickens. Have a good day, don't worry about work, and enjoy a soothing cup of tea with me. Small pleasures, and good company, quiet times, and a measure of peace I wish for you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rooster Portraits Watercolor

Rooster are obviously fascinating me in all their variety and splendor, but I have been painting chickens for years now. I love painting birds, but I love the attitude of chickens and Roosters in particular. I know many people enjoy raising chickens, and some of those chickens become family members and pets. Plus they provide lots of free entertainment for all.
I put up to older Alkyd and Oil Painting I did a while ago to show the different look that can be achieved with a different medium. It's the same subject matter, but a different technique. I could paint with oils impressionisticly , and you would have another way of painting chickens. It's important to get the anatomy correct, but the method of execution determines the final look of the image. I have drawn and painted Roosters and chickens on the computer in Adobe Illustrator, and carved linoleum block to make a simple graphic print. I have sculpted chickens in clay and carved them in foam. Once spring is here and the weather warms up I will go to the corner feed store, and buy some more chickens for their eggs, modeling ability, and the joy they bring to my yard and garden.
I will now get back to painting, and let the art work entertain on its own. Write if you have work for me. Thank you and God bless! Annie

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Painting Pleasures

There is a great deal of pleasure I get from drawing my wizard or painting the bright, colorful patterns of Mandrin Ducks or Wood Ducks. I love to paint the patterns of chickens, and the stripes of Tigers. There is pattern and beauty all around us, and even the pattern of leaves fallen to the ground, or dried stalks of mowed grain covered with a blanket of snow are inspiration for an artist. Today I give thanks for all the beauty in just a square foot of earth, sky, water, or the heavens. Add music and you have magic of light and color accompanied by sound to make your painting experience even better. Today I have cut up some smooth watercolor paper to paint some chicken portraits on, and to experience how the texture of paper of lack there of effects an illustration or painting.
I'm still unemployed and looking for work in all the wrong places. Write if you have work, and enjoy every day as though it were your last, for we just never know.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Silver Laced Polish Chicken

A Silver Laced Polish Chicken is a beautiful, elegant creature, that brightens the Barn Yard and at the same time is rather comical in his aspect. Some chickens just don't belong in a dirty environment, and make lovely pets. I had a wonderful little silky hen that loved to sleep on the back porch step by my back door, and loved to hop in my lap and be petted. Silver Laced Polish can be this way too, and don't belong with the common riff raff of the Chicken Coop. Chickens and all their diversity make life just a little easier, and are such good providers of eggs. What is not to like?
I started drawing up some Wood Ducks last night so maybe this blog will be filled with something besides chickens this year. That said, I still have other chickens drawn up so I'm sure anything else I draw and paint will be interspersed with chickens.
I also need to keep finishing up drawings and paintings I started eons ago. I have no paying work so all the things I started and was unable to complete because paying jobs came in are now in the "Must Complete" production line. This is a mythical list I have, but the work is real and at age 61 I am too old to get out of my work harness and sit around doing nothing, or worse become a housewife. I am a Racehorse harnessed to a plow. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I never wanted to be a housewife when I grew up. A Noble profession, but one I never aspired to. Plus I am a very bad housekeeper, so thank God I have never grown up!!! I think I will continue to drink my morning coffee, and get to painting. Write when you or I get work. Have a good, productive, and fulfilling day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roosters Barnyard Dandy

Roosters are wonderful, decorative, and noisy, but you can't help but appreciate these strutting dandies who are always looking for a receptive lady. They show off, throw their weight around, and are willing to fight for their lady loves like Knights of old. However, they are fickle, rarely are faithful, and are always looking for a new cute, young thing. That said we wouldn't have our over easy breakfast, or deviled eggs, potato salad, or Kentucky fried chicken without the beautiful and useful chicken. Plus they are quite enjoyable as subjects to draw and paint. So today I praise the chicken, for soon I will move on to new subjects and different mediums.
Write if I have work, and never surrender, never give up! Have a good day, and treat all you meet with kindness. It makes the world a better place to dwell.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chickens Roosters Pen and Ink

I'm still drawing these pesky chickens and Roosters, but today I'm puting up some pen and inks I did last night. My dear friend Barb said I should do some pen and ink, mix it up, and add ink to the watercolor. Since she was my first art boss, old (82), and likes to see results I drew some pen and inks. These are for Barb, and for all those people who enjoy pen and ink. I don't know what I will do today, probably laundry, and some form of art work once I get dressed and ready for my day. Keep drawing, painting, and breathing...Never Surrender....Never Give up, and write when you get work!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chickens and Roosters

Does anyone else feel as though they are creating in a void? I do a painting a day, and sometimes two. I draw, paint, cook meals, listen to people speaking on TV or listen to music or the quiet. I enjoy the silence, and create works of art. When they are finished I mat them, sometimes frame them, and move on to the next work of art. I don't just paint chickens for I love all creatures great and small, and I have a deep love for lizards and frogs. Then of course there is every bird ever created, and all the animals. The diversity of animal and plant life is amazing, and a challenge to understand, draw, and portray. I guess I will be very busy for the rest of my life. I doubt if I ever will run out of chickens or other creatures to draw and paint. I have more chickens drawn up, but I may draw up some beautiful Basilick Lizards and I am also in the mood to paint some landscapes I guess I better get on with my day, and go out and buy the dog and cat food. Life isn't only about the paintings to be done. It is also about the household guardians next meal. A woman's work is never done, and someone write when I get work. I have too much art and time on my hands. Believe it or not I get more done when I am extremely busy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

An Abundance of Chickens

Today I am offering another painting of a chicken. A Rosecomb Rooster among the Anemones. Before my knees decided they no longer wanted to bend, or be good shock absorbers I planted bulbs every winter so my spring days would be filled with flowers. Anemones are a beautiful spring flower grown from corms. Corms look like bumpy little, hard, wood pieces of nothing in particular that magicly transform into these beautiful flowers. If you have never planted them, buy a big bag of 50 corms or more...plant them, and watch them grow. God created flowers for the joy they bring to your eyes, and the peace they bring to your soul. Have a very good day, and stop and enjoy the simple things in life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back Yard Chickens

The first time I saw chickens strolling across a lovely green lawn, and walking among the rose bushes and spring flowers was at Mrs. Virginia Masero's home on an Easter Sunday. It was lovely, and has influenced how I see chickens ever since. They may belong in a Chicken Coop or a barnyard, but they are equally at home during a lovely garden party filled with wonderful memories. Mrs. Masero has left this earth, but her love of flowers, roses, and chickens will never leave my heart or memories. She was a lovely woman who loved her home, her husband, family, and garden, and she passed on those loves to all who knew her. May she rest in peace, and the beauty of roses always bless her memory.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The wonderful diversity of birds, and especially the birds we so loosely group under the name of chickens. It is wonderful to have so many beautiful subjects to draw and paint. I will be painting more chickens today. I am currently working on a Buff Laced Polish. All creatures are beautiful, but you can't beat the size range, color range, feathering, and personalities of the chicken.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Today is January 1, 2010 my husband is cutting up trees that fell over in a storm, and I am Painting Chickens. For some reason I love the beauty of chickens walking in a garden, and all the different variety that makes up the species we call chickens. Today I will post some more of the chickens that have captured my interest, and beautify and delight many people who tend flocks. I will also put up some partridges in Pear trees just for the festive feeling of the Season tomorrow. If you have really good photographs of a chicken you love and are proud of please send me a copy and I will immortalize your prized chicken in watercolor or oils. If you are interested in prints of any of my work, let me know. I have a new printer with over sized capabilities, and the 13" X 19" paper to print on. I also can now make smaller prints on Acid Free Artist Paper so let me know if there is something you desire in the print department. I hope you will feel free to contact me, and I hope you enjoy todays offerings. Have a good day, and write when you get work...Happy New Year to All....Love Annie