Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plumeria Design for Needlepoint Canvases

I worked on some designs for more Plumeria Handpainted Needlepoint canvases for JellyBeanStock.  I like them, but I'm going to do another version that includes butterflies.  I started painting on a very large rug canvas done on 13 count Zweigart mono of tropical and exotic birds last night.  I would paint all day and all night if my body would let me.  I also cleaned up my table, and I'm going to clean it off further today.  I may even replace the white butcher paper I keep it covered with.  However, that said I will have to move all the phone numbers, notes, and addresses that get written on it's surface to a more permanent location.  I am constantly making notes on my tables, thus the butcher paper, I also use paper plates, envelopes, the wall, or whatever is handy to my pen at the moment.  I have plenty of notebooks, and they are also filled with information, but information always seems to be coming in when those aforementioned notebooks are nowhere to be found.
Here are the two Plumeria canvases, and I will then photograph and put up some more of the Betta Fish.  

The sun is shining, and it's still only 47 degrees outside, and I have plenty of work to do today.  I still would enjoy having more art work to do write when you have more work for me.  My mother (God rest her soul, for she died last year!) raised 10 children, went back to College in her 50's got her masters degree in Library Science all the while working at Lane Medical Library at Stanford University.  I come from a long line of hard working woman and men, and very few people can out work a Vadeboncoeur (my maiden name).  So praises on this beautiful sunny day for my ever positive, hardworking, and cheerful mother who taught me how to cook, sew, clean, iron (very Important in Needlepoint Canvas painting), and how to make lemon cream pie when life hands you Lemons.  My sweet, good and positive mother is probably cleaning up heaven or baking some heavenly pie even as we speak.  Thank you mom for teaching me how to stay on task and accomplish my dreams.  You are gem and a pearl of great price.  Barb is my other mother or Art mother, and she is the matriarch of JellyBeanStock at age 83.  Pretty soon 84, and still designing, painting, and going strong, thank you God.  I talk to her every day, coordinate painting and shipping so our orders can go out on time and together.  I will soon be posting some of the other JellyBeanStock Art, and let you know what is being designed and painted by some of the other JellyBeanStock Artists.  I know Kim has designed a floral purse, and Barb is working once again on Judaica images.  Write when we get work, and if you are stitching some of our designs please send pictures.  Plus, if you have any advice that will make our product better write and tell us.  We are open to suggestions and new information.  Thank you for your wonderful comments, and for following this Needlepoint Adventurer.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Needlepoint Canvas Art and Hand painted Canvases

I have been working all week on new designs, getting out orders, and drawing up canvases from my original art that people expressed an interest in.  I paint what I love so none of this is a hardship, and most of the time it is just sheer pleasure.  In my younger years I painted on large McDonald Land Murals in Acrylic so painting on Needlepoint canvas with Acrylics is like visiting with an old dear friend.  I am painting on both the 18 count Mono and the 13 count Mono Zweigart canvas that we at JellyBeanStock purchase from Fleur de Paris.  

This week I painted on another companion piece for the Koi pillows, two Plumaria Designs, some more Betta Fish (I know I'm getting carried away, but I love the colors and the form!).  
I will post the Plumaria tomorrow, for I need to put in the copyright info, and I'm thinking of adding some butterflies to the canvases.  I will probably put up what I've done, and then do two more canvases with the design altered a little, and add my butterflies.  These are painted from the Plumaria plants in my front yard, and I have a Passion Flower Plant that has been taking over the garden which is home to thousands of butterflies.  My yard in the summer looks like butterfly heaven.  I you want tons of butterflies plant a Passion Flower vine.  However, that said I also have roses, Irises, Daffodils, Plumeria, Hibiscus, Gardenia, Geraniums, Lilies, and the list goes on because there isn't a flowering plant I don't fall in love with.  Plus I love plants with decorative, colorful leaves, so all I have to do is step out into the front or back yard with my trusty camera, or a pair of scissors and bring the colors of nature into my studio. I also plant annuals that strike my fancy, when I want to paint something like pansies.  I can't bend down to put them in the ground, but they all seem to do well in my potted garden out front.  Life is good with a little soil, and some bright floral colors.
I'm working on the Crowned Jewels Tropical Bird Rug for Wendy at Aristeia, and also working on finishing other canvases.  Write when you get work, or if you have any tips for me.  I bought a new compressor, just a very quiet, small one from Harbor Freight and tools.  It's terrific, and is keeping the canvas hole unclogged and clean. It comes with an airbrush, and works very well.  Keep drawing, designing, enjoying life, and having fun.  It's cold here, and I'm wearing 4 sweaters to paint in plus a scarf so I have no idea how people stay warm where it's really cold.  Thanks for responding so kindly to my art work, and be sure to share with me what you are working on.  It can get lonely just talking to oneself.  Write if I get work, and have a warm and wonderful day!  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Needlepoint Koi and Goldfish

I have been painting more Goldfish, and have finished painting one of my Koi Pillows this evening.  I cut out fabric, drew up designs, and worked on a two horned African Rhino yesterday.  Tomorrow, I will finish the Rhino, and get it ready for shipping.  I sometimes let a little time go by before I declare something finished.  Sometimes it means I just take a nap or get a good nights sleep, and then look at the canvas or drawing with fresh eyes and a little separation time.  That way I don't ship anything that hasn't been double checked, and I make sure it satisfies my inner soul.
Here are the latest canvases:

I put the copyright right on the canvases, so art thieves realize this is not for resale to some poor sucker foolish enough to buy stolen art work.  I love painting these canvases, and enjoy designing these canvases for Needlepoint lovers.  If you want me to draw anything special for you, let me know or if you would like to see me draw a certain animal or plant just ask.  I love drawing, and I'm always interested in drawing every critter ever created.  Write when you or I get work.  Let me know what you are doing, and what you would like to see designed in Needlepoint.  Hello, Lynda from Australia.  Thank you for writing, you have interesting wire sculptors and art work, and I hope to hear from you again.  Write when I get work, and keep on creating, painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, and don't forget to take the time to smell the roses. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Designing Rugs Leopards and Goldfish

Designing large rugs 30" X 40" and one 40" X 48" with the Crowned Jewels of Birds in the center panel.  I also drew up a Leopard on a 13ct Zweigart canvas and painted it yesterday.  I also painted 4 Goldfish, but finished only three.  I need to finish the last one.  I went out and bought myself an airbrush compressor this morning so that I could easily blow out the holes and keep the canvas clean on these large rugs.  Just using my lung power is beginning to make me a little light headed and dizzy.  MY Sciatic Nerve is still giving me problems so getting dizzy on top of pain medication, sharp pains, and falling to the floor, dizzy is not an option.  This was my first day out in a month, and I of course over did it, and my leg is behaving like Quasimoto or the Hunch Back of Notre Dame for those who don't remember.  I used to be the lovely Esmerelda, and now I bend over and limp like a wicked old witch.  Oh well, this too shall pass.  Once I bring in the rest of the groceries using my mothers handy dandy Hugo walker on wheels.  I will get back to painting and finishing art.
Here are the canvases I completed yesterday, and if you see anything in my gallery you want as a needlepoint canvas just email me or call Jelly Bean Stock at their 1 800 number and talk to Lynzee our Super Duper Saleswoman who is as charming as she is cute.  She will take very good care of you, and make sure you get what you want.  Yesterdays work:

Hope you like my happy little fishies, and be sure to write when I get more work.  Remember the more work you give me, the more I stay home and out of trouble.  Even at my age, I can still get into a great deal of keep an old lady out of trouble and on the straight and narrow.  Idle hands are the Devils workshop, so I'd better go get busy in the Studio and paint some more canvases.  Have a good day, and be sure to stop and smell the roses!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goldfish Needlepoint Canvases

I spent some time yesterday using up paint by painting these little Goldfish canvases.  One is large 16" X 16" and the rest are small, delicate paintings on 8" X 8" canvas.  Today is a day for painting an Eagle and Flag painting that will be used to display Eagle Scout Badges earned.  I love how people can look at my work, and see beyond what I've drawn, and know how to use the art to celebrate an event or accomplishment in their lives.  I better get these little paintings up, and then get to the work at hand.  Remember, all these canvases can be purchased from . 

Copyright:  Chabrier HouseofChabrier Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno  2011 All Rights Reserved 
This last Goldfish is the 16" X 16" larger painting.  You really can't tell the size of the painting by the details painted on the canvas.  This is painted on a Zweigart 13ct white mono canvas.  The small 8" X 8" goldfish are painted on Zweigart 18ct white mono canvas.  I see a patterned stitch behind them, and I may paint some ideas with that concept in mind when time allows.  I'm off to work, and I hope you enjoy these little swimming goldfish.  Write when I get work, and have a very good day.
All Art work on this site is Copyright: Chabrier HouseofChabrier Anne E. Showmaker-Magdaleno 2011  All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shipping Canvases and Painting Goldfish

Yesterday I packed up the Betta Fish, Peacock Canvas, and the finished African Rhino Needlepoint Canvas, and shipped them to JellyBeanStock.  Today I spent painting little Goldfish Canvases, and one Large Goldfish Canvas.  I have no clue why I got it into my head to paint goldfish, but I am having fun, and enjoying their fluid, curvy, shiny little bodies.  I've drawn up quite a few Goldfish and Betta Fish, and it's fun to play with the different colors of paint combinations to achieve a different look for each fish.  I've also drawn up Koi and Waterlilies, some Iris and Moths, more Peacocks, and more masks.  
My next panels that need to be painted and shipped are a custom Mask of an  Evil Queen that looks similar to my naughty devil, but feminine and crowned. I've already started redesigning that canvas.  The other panel is also custom of an Eagle, Flag, and will also have space for Eagle Scout Badges to be needlepointed or attached.  I also will add the Eagle Scout's name, the date, and what ever else is desired.  Custom is my middle name so if you want can have it.  
Copyright: Chabrier Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno 2011  All Rights Reserved
This is the just completed African Rhino, and I am quite happy with it.  I hope you like it, and I will post the latest painted canvases tomorrow.  Write when I get work, and happy painting and drawing.  Do what you love, and enjoy your life.

Monday, February 7, 2011

TNNA Needle Point Orders Getting Peacock and Fish Painted

It's a little odd that title ...who would think of painting Peacocks and Fish at the same time.  I learned my lesson about 13ct Canvas and the Peacock is the exact size it has always been, but the space around the border is now 3" and looks very good.  Now I'm a happy camper.  I painted a Red Betta Fish as part of an order, but then painted a Thalo Blue Betta Fish with Gold because I got inspired.  The paint was there from the Peacock painting so I just kept painting.  I also have drawn up some of the gold fish and put them on 18ct canvas and larger images on 13 ct canvas.  I will post the paintings so you get an idea where my brain is taking this.  I've been working on a Rhino painting to fill an order, and he is coming out quite well, and will be done today.  

Write me if you see anything you like, or would like to see.  I draw and paint all the time, except for when making dinner and trying to avoid Sciatic Nerve Pain.  I will Zen/Paint my way above the pain and float in the euphoria of painting Needlepoint Canvases for the hard working, deserving, good women of America.  The Power of Positive Thinking can never be overestimated.  The New Canvases are of course Copyright: HouseofChabrier Cabrier Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno 2011 All Rights Reserved DO NOT STEAL  DO NOT COPY AND SELL TO PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES!!!!
I would also prefer if you didn't turn my line drawings into tattoos without my permission.  I know it's an art form, but I like the human form unadorned.  That said I have given my permission so please ask first.  

I thought some people back east in the cold and snow might appreciate some pictures of what is blooming in my garden.  I love plants so have as many as I can keep alive.  Todays offerings are Daffodils and Tulip Magnolias.  Keep warm, keep well, and enjoy the time God has given us.  The sun is shinning here, and it's time to get back to the work of the day.  Write when I get more work, and have a very good day. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

TNNA Needle Point Orders Getting them out!

I've been painting canvases, filling orders, and totally having fun getting the work out.  I love painting Needlepoint Canvases.  We at JellyBeanStock telephone conference and talk morning, noon, and night.  We are constantly learning, and sharing painting methods just as we did in our youth when we were all in the same room.  I'm painting away on my Peacock Canvases, the masks are done, and so are the Giraffes large and small.  I've completed one Eagle and flag, but have another couple of custom versions to go.  
My Sciatic Nerve is still trying to kill me, but I refuse to let it get me down, and when I can't walk, or sit and paint I just draw up to canvas ideas.  I obviously love every critter known to God and Man and I guess because it's too cold to go swimming (my favorite sport) I'm drawing fish.  I am drawing up more betta fish, which I've been given and kept alive for years, and Gold Fish and Koi.  I love the way fish move and undulate, I love their sparkly scales, and their varied pattern.  I think that lends itself to Needlpoint.  I'm also studying my stitch guides, and my Anchor Manual of Needlework which has been my stitching Bible since I was a girl of 16.  That's many, many moons ago, for I am now in the Twilight of my life.
I wake up everyday happy, no matter how my back feels, and I look forward to everyday filled with painting, designing, and creating.  I drew up the rug version which will be 30" X 40" of the Crowned Jewels Bird Design I was painting at the show.  I am listening to the owners of the Shops, and Wendy at Aristeia said the Birds would look good as a rug, and she thought my cockatoo in the magnolia tree would look good as a rug.  I had already started stitching a rug for myself in wool and the tent stitch on 10 ct canvas, but I bow to the superior knowledge and experience of people who have been in the business for years and will paint the designs on 13 count thread only for such a big rug.  I also will put a great deal of extra space around the painted panel itself.  I painted a 20" X 20" 13 ct. canvas with the Peacock and found out on a 13ct canvas I ended up crowding the blank border to the edge, because of my counted thread border.  In other words to make the painted border look proportionally correct I had to steal space from the blank edging.  So I finished that painting which ended up with a 1 1/2 " blank border, looked terrific but was not correct, and started over on a 24" X 24" 13ct. canvas and painted the exact same size image of the Peacock, added the same border, and know it floats pleasantly in the center of the canvas with 3" of space all the way around it. Thank You very much to Trubey for giving me some very needed advice on this subject!  The lesson is now firmly planted in my brain, and I know to start with a much larger canvas when Painting on 13 count.  
I received a Goody envelope from Fleur de Paris , and now have samples of their Metalic Mono canvas, and the Black/Opalescent Metalic Mono with flecks of color calls out for me to use it to paint Mardi Gras and Venetian Masks on.  I also like the Black and White Tweed Mono Canvas, and I'm happy it is floating around in my brain now waiting to find a design that is just right to be painted on it.  There is not enough time in the day, to design, draw, paint, and cut all the canvases my mind wants to create.

Here are some of my line fish drawings to show that my hands and mind are never idle.  Write when I get more work.  Thank you to everyone who shares information with us, gives me tips, and all of your kind and generous words of encouragement.  Have a great day and write when you get work!