Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Triceratops Babies Needlepoint Canvas

Well, I have finished a new group of  Baby Dinos, but this time they are Triceratops babies.  Cute as can be, and ready to stitch up for your Needlepointing pleasure.  I want my viewer to know that all of these canvases are designed by me, drawn up on the canvas by me, and then painted by me.   Jellybeanstock North represents and distributes my work, and does all their own painting also.  None of our work or designs are shipped out to other services, countries, or nations.  It's all made in America with our own little hands.  We may be old, but we still have our skills and our talents.  If you purchase one of my Dinos you are purchasing something made by me.  I have no minions, no helpers, except my assistant Ale, and she went to Art school with my son, so she is qualified to come to my aid when necessary.  I also come to her aid also, and I will put up the cutest quilt that was auctioned off to raise money for her son's Kindergarten class.  But first the baby Dinos, and I will explain how the quilt was made later.  

These are the Five new baby Triceratops that will soon be seen at JellyBeanStock, and you can call Kim and order them right away.  Thank you, to the lovely woman who ordered a baby dino already, and they will be shipped along with all my other completed canvases to Jellybeanstock Wednesday June 1.  Thank you for the order, and blessing on your home and hearth for supporting our endeavors.

Now, this is the quilt made for James Shannahan's Kindergarten class.  The squares of cotton were cut by Mrs. Dean, the teacher, the children's individual handprints were painted and applied to the squares by Ale and her friend Heather.  Ale brought the squares to me, and I painted each hand print to look like a Zoo animal.  She told me the children's personalities because she works in the class room, and I tried to paint an animal that suited the handprint and the child.  Mrs. Dean then sewed all the Zoo Jungle Print strips to the squares, and made a wonderful quilt to raffle off to the parents.
Here is what the process looked like!

Now you can see how the painted Zoo Hand Animals became a quilt.  The Children each wrote their own names, and I tried to preserve the actual hand print so the parents could see their own child's hand.  I added hooves, paws, hands and feet below the finger tips of the child.  Each child's hand told me which animal they were to be, and Ale was the person transporting the painted square to the drying table, and bringing me a new square to paint.  A very fun project, and after Mrs. Dean sewed our masterpiece together we were all delighted with the results.  I may not be rich, but I do have fun every day.  Thanks to little children, new projects, and having work to keep me busy.  
Thank you to everyone, and I hope you enjoy the latest work to come out of my studio.  It's not earth shattering, but sometimes, happy, quiet, peaceful, and fun is much better.  Write when I get work....Enjoy your work, and may we all be at Peace and Prosper.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peacocks Elephants India Oh MY

Seeing that beautiful and talented women from India have decided to follow my blog, and comment (Very much Appreciated!) I decided to put up some sculpting I did for the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Goa India.  These were sculpted by me out of 4 pound density foam, then sprayed with Automotive Primer which is why they are gray.  Then I sanded resprayed and sanded some more before they were transported to Mexico, a manufacturing plant and cast into Fiberglass parts.

  Now , because my viewer in India like Peacocks, and very decorative art.  I will put up some of the Peacock Images I did in Etched glass, a process where I sand blasted the glass after applying and cutting a mask of the Peacocks.

I got carried away, and added oil paintings, stained glass, and other things from my portfolio other than etched glass.  Now, I will put up some Peacocks done in oil and Alkyd on board, and some done in Prismacolor Pencils on black paper.  I hope you like!

I again got carried away, and added other things.  I thought perhaps you might like to see the two peacock panels side by side.  I also added some of my oil paintings of Laura and her sister Norma in costume and with umbrellas in my garden.  The pink roses are planted outside my kitchen window so I have something beautiful to look at while doing the dishes.  I hope everyone enjoys todays offerings.  I've been sick with the flu, so don't feel like working very much.  Sleeping all day was what I did yesterday.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting.  I will get back to work on some parrot canvases, roosters and flowers, and of course dancing dinosaurs.  Write when I get work, and remember I enjoy your comments wherever you live.  Have a good, fun, productive day.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Dinosaur Needlepoint Canvases 2011

My happy Dinosaurs have gone to the beach with their families, and are now taking strolls down by the surf and sand in these new hand painted Needlepoint Canvases.  Don't ask me what possesses me when I choose to paint dinosaurs enjoying modern life in Dinoland.  These are just fun, colorful, and for all of those needlepoint afficianado's  of everything prehistoric.  I have a few more to do in the series, but I've already resumed painting some of the bird canvases I started a while back.  Plus, I started painting some more chickens and irises just because I felt like it.  I may jump around, but I do try to complete everything in between laundry, dishes, cooking, and every-once-in-a-while cleaning.  There is too much I want to accomplish, and too many things that hold my interest to put much effort into competing for the best little housewife in America award.  There are no prizes in America for being the best little house wife in the world, and no one ever says thank you..."Looks Terrific!!!"  It's better to be a really good cook, and an even better artist and just overlook the "other" woman's work that never gets done.  That's my story...and I'm sticking to it.  Here are the dinosaurs, and a glimpse of some of the canvases in progress"

I've painted this peacock before, but each time I do it I strive to improve the colors and layout.  I like this version the best so far, and I especially like the border.
I will put up some other versions of peacocks for my lovely, female followers in India.  I appreciate you, your art, and your comments.  It's really wonderful to be able to speak to other people from all over this world.  I have plenty of work, but always enjoy more so write when I get work!  Keep drawing, keep painting, think positive, and have a happy, fulfilling, productive day!