Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Friday, April 18, 2008

Finishing and Finding More

I did the laundry yesterday, and did put the pot of beans on, but never got to the Tiger to finish until today. Now the Tiger is finished, but while going through the storage room for posters, prints, unfinished art work, and frames yesterday found still more art work. I may be finishing started projects for the next two years. My Godson Joshua's school is going to auction off some of my Tropical Bird Prints that are finished and published. I will show you samples of that art work in the near future. I still need to frame the Tiger, but I will share the finished painting today. I was going to throw it away, but my friend Lee (also an Artist) said to finish it. Sometimes I have to be pushed into finishing pictures I've lost interest in. Saying that, I have to admit I'm very glad I did finish the Tiger painting, and enjoyed working on it very much. I'm going to post this, and then work on the Giraffe so it can be finished too. I may start cutting the mats and try to get some of these last paintings in their frames. Remember, do your chores, take care of your responsibilities, but don't give up your art. Make time for you, and what gratifies you and makes you a more complete person. Don't blame anyone else, children, husband, work, chores for you not being able to do your art. Seize the day, make it yours, and always make room for your hopes and dreams. Keep drawing and painting and be sure to write when you get work!

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Lee said...

Hope that you sell lots and lots of paintings at the auction. What a terrific idea by the way. Love the tiger! Wow!