Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Praises is a poem for you, oh gentle reader of Blogs, or you worn out frazzled down to your last nerve mom, or you unappreciated taken for granted dad, or you neglected and ignored child of no one. Praises to you for being good, keeping on the right path, working at the tasks put before you. Praises to you for being kind instead of mean, helpful instead of cruel. Praises to all teachers who take the extra time to praise instead of ridicule, explain instead of scold, and make the extra effort to uplift and encourage the heart of a child. Praises to the men women and children who don't abuse drugs, drink, or each other. People who come home to their families every night, and work hard to keep their families together. Praises is for people who don't stomp on other people, beat them up or intentionally hurt anyone or anything. Praises is for people who stop at traffic accidents, don't hit and run, don't rob or steal, don't drink and drive, but watch out for their fellow man with the care they would give to a babe in arms. Praises is for teenagers or young adults who help out their parents, do the best they can in school, work hard, earn their own money, and care for their brothers and sisters. Praises is for all people young and old who simply choose good over evil. Praises is for everyone who needs a little encouragement in life.


This poem is for the millions

Who are never lauded,

Never feted or praised

Cheered or applauded

You just common folk

Who go to work every day

Slog through life's mud

For minimum pay

A poem just for women

Who clean, cook, and dust

Vacuum, and fold

Pay bills and bus

Men who work daily

For Family and home

Take out the trash

Clip, mow, and don't roam

For this silent Majority

I offer a toast

Words of praise, much respect,

And a moment to boast!

You are the movers, the builders,

The rock solid base

For the vocal minority

That laughs in your face.

You are the force, quietly building,

And growing

The sustenance necessary for all

To keep going.

Your bodies may bend

And wrinkle with time

But with fortitude, strength

You will weather the clime

This Prayer is for you Oh,

Great unlauded masses

Who work hard every day

While time simply passes

May God Bless you and keep you

Give you warm loving spouses

Pay off your mortgage

So you eternally dwell in warm, cozy houses

Give you good friends to laugh with,

and children who care

Grandchildren to delight you,

and bounty to share

May every day blessings

Parade through your life

May your troubles be small,

And there be little strife.

May your dog always bound

Or lay by your side

May your problems recede

With the outgoing tide

May you live long with laughter,

happiness, glee, and delight,

And pass to God's arms

At peace, in the quiet of night.

Copyright:Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno House of Chabrier April 10 2008

All Rights Reserved

Thank you Mankind for all your hard honest work every day of your life.

A special thanks to my husband, and all the other devoted husbands in this world!

Email this to a friend you want to thank or praise with my blessings. Annie

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