Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yesterday I worked on two Giraffe paintings, and added Acacia Tree Leaves and thorns to the painting, and this morning I washed off the illustration board to take out the leaves and branches. I just didn't like the image anymore, and wanted to go back to my original concept. The leaves were just too much and detracted from the Giraffe. The great thing about Strathmore illustration board is you can rinse it off under the sink, wipe it down with paper towels, and the surface isn't marred or ruined. It's 100% rag and very sturdy. If it ever bubbles the surface just wait and it will all return to normal. I first started using Strathmore Illustration Board when I attended LA Art Center, before it became Pasadena Art Center, and became so expensive. I love Arches Watercolor Paper, but for tight Gouache illustrations I prefer the Strathmore 1/8" board. I know every one likes Kolinsky Sable Watercolor brushes, but I have found a very inexpensive, durable, and high quality watercolor brush at Aaron Brothers that I now use for Oils, Alkyd, Gouache, and Acrylic. They hold their points and their shape through numerous paintings, and washings, and don't fray or fall apart. They are called Simply Simmons, and no matter what size of brush you buy they only cost $2.99. That is $2.99 for a size 1 Liner Brush or a 1" wide wash brush. These brushes are great, flexible, good snap and a joy to use. Go check them out. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Today, because I didn't finish the Giraffe I will share another Emu Picture. The Painting is 15" x 20", and I photographed it, loaded it into Adobe Illustrator, added type, and turned it into a Birthday card for Granny. The other card I sent is also an Emu (I told you I like these creatures), and is also just as silly as the first. I will share some more tomorrow when I am further along with the 4 paintings I'm working on. I take pictures as I proceed to record my progress, and one of these times I will show the evolution of one of these paintings. Have a great day, and keep painting and following your dreams!

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