Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Garden and Zoo Photography

Yesterday I was brave, and explored the San Diego Zoo all by myself and took 230 photos of plants, flowers, birds, and that's it. They have reconfigured the Zoo, and after going down a very steep path from the Bird Aviary and holding on to the rail the entire way my arthritic legs couldn't walk any further. I asked an attendant the easiest people mover way to get back up, and she called me a shuttle. Bless her and the man driving the shuttle. I was driven to the exit, with all my new photos safely stored in my camera, walked to my car, and drove home. I then took two Excedrin and went to sleep. I am such a wild and crazy woman with so much energy! Ha!!! When I wasn't looking as the years passed, and I worked away I got old. How does this happen to such nice hard working people? I did download the photos, and also took more garden pictures, Iris and Roses. Sometimes, especially in spring I do a lot of photography. In southern California, there is less of a bounty of flowers in summer because it is so hot (desert climate), and water is so expensive. Thus after the rains we have California native poppy's and all the other plants and trees blooming. Plus all the spring bulbs are coming up. These are some of my Neighbor's beautiful yellow Iris.

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yakshi said...

You are brave and such a nice hardworking person! My house too is neglected in favor of my passions, in this case, the garden in spring in the Sierras. Roger comes home on Monday, so I do have to find a little time and energy for inside work, but...but...
My iris are just now getting going, the local generic kind are first, then these low growing use clumps of crested coastal iris that just love my yard, the first fancy, frilly bearded blue one will unfurl either today or tomorrow, later the Siberians will do their thing, with a final dramatic show of Japanese Iris in June. By July I'll be looking around to see who can trade me some new rhizome to add to next years display. Hardly a moment for dishes or dusting until August.
Terese had baby Colton last Saturday in case you haven't been in touch. Dad had another trip to the Hospital Monday, but Leo sprung him loose without an over night stay. I'm off for my morning walk up the mountain. Keep creating, keep painting, keep sharing it with us!
Be well!