Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Artistic Reasons

Today was again hot so I guess it's officially summer, and swim season. I cool off in the summer by leaping in the pool a couple of times a day, and wearing my swim suit to paint in. Don't come to visit in the summer I am not a pretty sight. But that's the one of the benefits of living out in the wilder parts of San Diego. Freedom in my old age to do what I want, when I want to (most of the time). Today's offerings are again, watercolors I've been finishing and framing for the past 2 months. I love farms, trees, and shadow landscapes, and of course painting snow. All of these paintings were taken from photographs taken by me on one of my adventures, and then translated into a painting that captures the flavor of the day. I like doing tight water colors of flowers, and loose watercolors that have tight areas in the landscapes. I actually like to paint anyway I feel in the moment. I was speaking with a fellow young artist who is in college, and she said her teacher said it is necessary to have a reason for doing a painting. She didn't agree, and asked my opinion. I personally paint what ever I want to do, and what inspires me. I don't need a reason to do it, other than I feel like it or I want to try something different. Inspiration is all around us, and I think my paintings and drawings reflect that. Do I think a painting should be approached with reason and thought YES do I think I need a reason for painting something NO! If I see a beautiful girl, a scene with raking shadows, a bounty of flowers, a cute dog, or a kitten, or if my imaginations just prompts me I want to paint it. I've worked all my life, and I've paid my dues. Life is not a dress rehearsal so you should live your life fully and paint, draw, write, and live what you are interested in. I doubt if Monet, John Singer Sargent, Van Gogh, Michael Angelo, Leonardo de Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, Edison, Thoreau, Fred Astaire, or the Beatles ever needed a reason to paint, draw, ponder, study, invent, write, dance, or sing. They do and did it because that is what they wanted to do. As long as you don't harm others or the environment pursue what you love. I hope you enjoy this batch of paintings. It's all my personal art work because I did it for no other reason than a strong desire from within. Write when you get work, or even when you are tired of working. I know how that feels. Blessing upon all fellow artists, and struggling human beings. Lee I am thankful Beth is feeling a little better, and Yakshi I understand the totally worn out feeling one gets from trying to do a years worth of housework in days. My sympathies and love are with you. Alethea I hope you find something in this batch, if not, I guess I will just keep painting. Love to All.......Annie

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