Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tropical Birds on Black 18Ct Mono Canvas

Well, I think the second rug is finished, and this one is painted on 18ct Zweigart Black Mono Canvas, and I still have to double check to make sure all the holes are clear.  I've been using my trusty air brush and compressor to blow out the holes, but sometimes I don't catch it in time or put the paint on too thick.  I have some pillows to finish up with the bird images, and then I move on to the last of my orders from the TNNA show in Long Beach.  First to complete is a customized mask I'm doing for Kent, and then another custom canvas with my Eagle and Flag image, but done on a larger canvas with space for eagle scout badges.  Remember, I am always happy to adapt my designs to your needs, and I hope you are seeing some canvases and designs you would like to stitch and have in your home.  
Here is the Tropical Bird canvas on Black, and yes it does look slightly different.  Every time I paint a canvas it seems to take on an individual life of it's own.

I will finish the pillow painting of similar images, and then move on to new subject matter.  I have many new designs forming in my head, and clamoring to be drawn.  There are still plenty of my designs drawn up that still need to be painted.  So being an artist is a fine balancing act, between the creating of new, and the completion of the old.  I hope you like todays offerings, and be sure to write when I get work.  Keep your sense of humor,enjoy the day, and I will get back to accomplishing more of my goals.  Have a very good day oh gentle reader of Blogs.


Emreen said...

The details of the birds have come out in a very beautiful manner.. Another lovely work...!!

paintlady said...

this is just so amazingly beautiful~!