Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finished Tropical Bird Rug on White 13 count Zweigart Canvas

TAAA DAAA I think I am finished with the Exotic Tropical Bird Rug on White Zweigart 13 count canvas.   I have already been working on the same design on Black 18 count Zweigart Canvas, and I'm very happy with the results.  It's a little harder to keep the holes clean on the 18 count, but the colors are more vibrant on the black.  Both look really beautiful and alive which was what I'm aiming for.  Some people have voiced that it's sad to cover up the beautiful painting, but that's silly.  If you want a painting, and are willing to spend multiple thousands of dollars, then buy the original.  However, this is painted by the same hands as the original and looks just as good, but stitching will make the image 3 dimensional, and incredibly exotic.  It is simply amazing what a gifted stitcher can do with a canvas, and I enjoy stitching my own canvases so why shouldn't you?  I love adding beautiful threads by Rainbow Gallery, Kreinik, DMC cotton and Pearl to my canvases.  I love the thickness of a ribbon or braid sparkling where I have painted metalic gold.  The paints I use are the highest quality, and Jellybean Stock uses the heaviest pigmented Acrylic Paint, costly, but quality shows.  When I use pearl paint, or glitter in my paint that indicates I see Kreinik blending threads or braids in addition to the normal thread you choose.  It's your piece of art to stitch once you have bought it, and it is up to you, your skill, and your imagination to take it to the next level.  I left the background white because Wendy at Aristeia asked me to.  I am considering adding palms or leaves to another version in the border.  The only thing I ask of you if you buy my canvases is that you don't paint on them.  Change the colors, by changing the threads, but don't paint on my canvases.  Each canvas is individually painted by me, and if you want something different than don't buy my canvases.  I read on a blog recently how to photograph a canvas, take the photo into the computer and then print out a smaller size on your printer.  It's your canvas, you bought Why NOT?  Because that dear reader of blogs is a violation of my copyright, and I am the only person who has the right to make copies of my designs.  All of my canvases are based on my photos, my birds, my plants, and my hard work.  If you want different colors, or a different color scheme just write and ask.  If you want something personalized with lettering or larger or smaller size just write and ask.  Everyone at Jellybean stock understands custom, understands specialty items, and though it is not free you will always receive a quality product.  You buy the best when you purchase canvases from Jelly Bean Stock, and Barbara, Kim, Lindsay, and myself care about your desires, your needs, you sales, and your bottom line.  I understand what difficult times we are all going through, but with perseverance, dedication to quality, integrity, and respect of one another's role and skills in this industry we will all succeed and prosper.
Don't copy other peoples's just not nice!  It also opens you to a nasty lawsuit!
Write when I get work!  I always welcome more.  My leg is starting to improve, and feel better with the magic of modern medicine, anti-inflammatories, Vicodin, no heavy lifting, etc. and no housework.  Not a problem I didn't want to load the dishwasher or run the sweeper anyway.  Keep your sense of humor, stop and smell the Roses, the freesia, and all the other spring flowers.  Keep stitching, keep rediscovering how wonderful life can be, and of course write when I get work!

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