Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tropical Bird Needlepoint Canvases Clamoring to be Finished

I keep painting away, filling in more details, fixing tone and color, and still the birds have more to be worked on. Shipped another Rhino today, and then got back to work on the Crowned Jewels.  These canvases are filled with simple shapes, strong color, precise details, but I think they will stitch easily.  The larger canvases are done on 13count White Mono, and a couple of the smaller ones are painted on 18count canvas.  I will resume painting the large Black 13Count Mono Canvas with the same images of Tropical Birds once I get all the colors and patterns resolved on the white mono.  I will then also resume painting on the Cockatoos and Magnolia Blossoms.
There is a lot of work going on at once, but it's a good way to work out details, remember how you painted the beak or which colors you consistently use on a Scarlet Macaw or a Toucan's beak.  Little details may change, but the colors should remain fairly consistent I think.
Getting the details right on the Toucans Beak, and making sure the parrots look shaped and have dimension.  Using the Peacock feathers as a foil for the Toucan, and using the pattern of the Peacock shoulder to add texture, interest, and muted contrast to the bright beak.  I love painting birds!!!
Starting to Really Take Shape!
It is now time  to close up shop to go to sleep, get some rest perhaps to dream of new paintings
or just to travel the universe on wings and enjoy the wonder of it all.  Good night dear readers.
Write when I get work!

Finish Me ....Finish Me  Help me to become alive, all the paintings call out to me to be next in line.  So much art, so many ideas, so many living souls crying out to be finished and completed.  My subjects are always clamoring to be next, and I am their slave.

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