Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plumeria Design for Needlepoint Canvases

I worked on some designs for more Plumeria Handpainted Needlepoint canvases for JellyBeanStock.  I like them, but I'm going to do another version that includes butterflies.  I started painting on a very large rug canvas done on 13 count Zweigart mono of tropical and exotic birds last night.  I would paint all day and all night if my body would let me.  I also cleaned up my table, and I'm going to clean it off further today.  I may even replace the white butcher paper I keep it covered with.  However, that said I will have to move all the phone numbers, notes, and addresses that get written on it's surface to a more permanent location.  I am constantly making notes on my tables, thus the butcher paper, I also use paper plates, envelopes, the wall, or whatever is handy to my pen at the moment.  I have plenty of notebooks, and they are also filled with information, but information always seems to be coming in when those aforementioned notebooks are nowhere to be found.
Here are the two Plumeria canvases, and I will then photograph and put up some more of the Betta Fish.  

The sun is shining, and it's still only 47 degrees outside, and I have plenty of work to do today.  I still would enjoy having more art work to do write when you have more work for me.  My mother (God rest her soul, for she died last year!) raised 10 children, went back to College in her 50's got her masters degree in Library Science all the while working at Lane Medical Library at Stanford University.  I come from a long line of hard working woman and men, and very few people can out work a Vadeboncoeur (my maiden name).  So praises on this beautiful sunny day for my ever positive, hardworking, and cheerful mother who taught me how to cook, sew, clean, iron (very Important in Needlepoint Canvas painting), and how to make lemon cream pie when life hands you Lemons.  My sweet, good and positive mother is probably cleaning up heaven or baking some heavenly pie even as we speak.  Thank you mom for teaching me how to stay on task and accomplish my dreams.  You are gem and a pearl of great price.  Barb is my other mother or Art mother, and she is the matriarch of JellyBeanStock at age 83.  Pretty soon 84, and still designing, painting, and going strong, thank you God.  I talk to her every day, coordinate painting and shipping so our orders can go out on time and together.  I will soon be posting some of the other JellyBeanStock Art, and let you know what is being designed and painted by some of the other JellyBeanStock Artists.  I know Kim has designed a floral purse, and Barb is working once again on Judaica images.  Write when we get work, and if you are stitching some of our designs please send pictures.  Plus, if you have any advice that will make our product better write and tell us.  We are open to suggestions and new information.  Thank you for your wonderful comments, and for following this Needlepoint Adventurer.

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