Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lost in Needlepoint and Painting Chickens Portraits and Dogs

I have been Lost in Needlepoint which is somewhat akin to being "Lost in Space" (play eerie music and cue sound affects) !  I have been designing, painting, drawing, researching, reading books, stitching, and purchasing thread for almost 2 years now.  I have found that all stitch guides are not created equal.  I have found that black plastic spiral books, are small, handy, and filled with information.  Hard back books with glossy beautiful pictures are a feast for the eyes, but not as informative and wonderful to own and carry around.  I've learned some people in this industry filled with so many women are lovely, generous with information, kind, caring and sharing and just terrific, and some are not, just like in the real world.  Go figure!  I've learned about mono canvas, interlock, penelope, Zweigart, and stitched on all.  Now I know from hands on experience why Zweigart Mono canvas is the canvas of choice to stitch on.  I've learned about 2" margins, and so many holes to the inch.  This has all taken time, and a complete immersion in Needlepoint at all levels.  I'm 63 years old this year so time is very precious to me.  Needlepoint Canvases, thread, and Acrylic paint has literally encroached on every area of my house.  It's like I was invaded by Aliens from Mars, and they drop little snippets of Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery, DMC Cotton threads all over the house.  I sometimes even find them in my bed.  My husband is a patient man, and thank God, loves and encourages me in all of my endeavors.  I still have stacks of New Needlepoint canvases to paint, more to stitch, and still more to design.  I haven't even drawn anything for Holidays, special events, or spooky Halloween.  I haven't put up all the dogs I've designed, or painted the original of my Dog Lobo who went to Dog Heaven 2 years ago.  He kind of got me into stitching because I want a pillow for my couch with his image on it.  I guess I better stop musing about my Needlepoint Life History, make my husbands coffee, and up load more of the watercolor images I've been working on since the studio became too hot to work in.  The Acrylic Paints are permanent so they are banished from the house, and must only be used in the Studio.

I want to turn some of these chickens and Roosters into Needlepoint Patterns, and I'm sure eventually the Dog Portraits and the Chickens will find Needlepoint canvas homes.  If there is anything in the natural or supernatural world you would love to stitch or see in Needlepoint let me know.  I will have to post some of my images of Dragons, Mermaids and Mermen, and of course Wizards.  See I could paint and design until I drop from exhaustion, but write when I get work....hug your loved ones, and be kind to strangers and familiars alike.  Being kind is a much better policy for your life than being mean spirited, vindictive, thoughtless, or cruel.  As John Lennon penned:  "All we need is Love", and as another song extols "Love makes the world go round!"  Have a very good day, and send me your thoughts.  Love   Annie

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