Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Monday, January 17, 2011

TNNA Needlepoint Show 2011 Venetian Mardi Gras Mask Series

Woman and men at the TNNA Needlepoint Show  in the Long Beach Convention Center seemed to really like my Venetian, Mardi Gras, and general Masks.  These started to design themselves because I wanted to stitch with my Kreinick and Rainbow Gallery threads.  I love all the glittery, beautiful, shiny, and varied textured threads that are available to stitch with.  I just wanted to stitch something exotic and glamorous, and the idea of masks and feathers called out to me.  In my younger days I loved to stitch sequins and beads to velvet, fur, and satin.  Malibu Feathers and Ostrich Plumes were an all time favorite of my misspent youth.  Now I can't wear the bling, but I can always stitch, and I have my memories.  Here are my offerings of Glamor and Beauty for your stitching pleasure.  All of these images can be bought at your local Needlepoint store, or if they aren't carrying them yet, go to and they will direct you to a store in

your area.  All art work on this site is Copyright: Chabrier  HouseofChabrier  Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno  2010  All Rights Reserved  Please DO NOT STEAL my art work and sell it to other countries.

These are all the Large Images I designed for Pillows or Wall Art.  I will put up some of the smaller Masks I designed for Pillow Inserts, Tote Bag Art, or whatever you want to use them for.  I really think of this art form as a jumping off place for your Needlepoint mastery and your own creative imagination.  I found it thrilling to see what Needlepoint stitching artists could do with art, and how much further their skill could take a painted canvas.  Needle pointing is like a collaboration between Canvas designers, and the skill, expertise, and imagination of some very talented Needlepoint artists who take our ideas and art many steps further than we ever dreamed.  It's an honor to be a part of such a fascinating industry.  Write when I get work, and now I'm off to painting the canvases ordered at the TNNA 2011 Long Beach Convention Center Trade Show.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Needlepoint is a collaborative art, isn't it? I love your devil masks, especially the one on black with the red speckles at the top, but all of your designs are interesting and will be good sellers. Thanks for adding a new artist and dimension to the needlepoint world we love.

Jane/Chilly Hollow

Chabrier said...

I'm drawing up the Little Devil and a few of the other favorite Venetian Mardi Gras Masks to be 10inch by 10inch images on 13inch by 13inch 18 ct canvas. I don't want to lose the details, and after I'm done painting them that small I will see if I can paint them smaller still. Oddly enough it takes longer to paint a really small canvas then a large or medium canvas. I think of the small ones as tiny jewels.
I'm very happy to have found your site, and will be grateful for any pointers you care to share. Thank you for welcoming me into this needlepoint world.


Annie (Chabrier)