Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

William and the Wizard

William the Crow is a member of the Wizard's family, but I should let you know in his younger years he did get into a great deal of trouble. This next series of drawings is what happened to William after he wouldn't stop harassing the fairies and chasing them in a quite unsportmanlike manner. The Wizard warned him to leave the Fairies alone, but William chose to ignore the Wizard's sage advice. William, women no matter how small, can pack quite a wallop when you get them mad enough!

Now it does not take a crystal ball to tell the Wizard that the little Fairy has a legitimate complaint against William. William of course blaims it on another bird that looks similar to him, but of course not as handsome. The Wizard is tired of being a referee, and the fairies are a wee bit weary of Williams shennanigans.
William soon forgets how much trouble he is already in, and once again dive bombs the little fairies and wreaks havoc with their wings and their lovely summer frocks. When his misdeeds are once again brought to the attention of the Wizard, William swears that he is a friend to all Fairies, and he would never cause them grief. William can't help but chuckle to himself about how good he is about getting out of trouble with his clever words and innocent expression. Oh're not fooling anyone but yourself.

To be continued tomorrow...

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Anyhow outstanding art !