Peacocks in Magnolia Tree

Peacocks in Magnolia Tree
24" X 60" Alkyd and Gold Leaf on Board

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peacocks Elephants India Oh MY

Seeing that beautiful and talented women from India have decided to follow my blog, and comment (Very much Appreciated!) I decided to put up some sculpting I did for the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Goa India.  These were sculpted by me out of 4 pound density foam, then sprayed with Automotive Primer which is why they are gray.  Then I sanded resprayed and sanded some more before they were transported to Mexico, a manufacturing plant and cast into Fiberglass parts.

  Now , because my viewer in India like Peacocks, and very decorative art.  I will put up some of the Peacock Images I did in Etched glass, a process where I sand blasted the glass after applying and cutting a mask of the Peacocks.

I got carried away, and added oil paintings, stained glass, and other things from my portfolio other than etched glass.  Now, I will put up some Peacocks done in oil and Alkyd on board, and some done in Prismacolor Pencils on black paper.  I hope you like!

I again got carried away, and added other things.  I thought perhaps you might like to see the two peacock panels side by side.  I also added some of my oil paintings of Laura and her sister Norma in costume and with umbrellas in my garden.  The pink roses are planted outside my kitchen window so I have something beautiful to look at while doing the dishes.  I hope everyone enjoys todays offerings.  I've been sick with the flu, so don't feel like working very much.  Sleeping all day was what I did yesterday.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting.  I will get back to work on some parrot canvases, roosters and flowers, and of course dancing dinosaurs.  Write when I get work, and remember I enjoy your comments wherever you live.  Have a good, fun, productive day.


H.K.Hollinstone studio said...

These are beautiful!

Chabrier said...

Thank you! I see we both love birds, animals, and painting and sculpting. I love your little painted sculptures photographed in grass, and natural settings. I sculpt animals, but only because I feel like it. It's odd to have made so much personal art work and it just piles up here at home. The work I do for companies is better because I get paid, and it moves out of the house. Thank you again for the compliment. I am glad you enjoy my work. Annie

H.K.Hollinstone studio said...

Thanks Annie! I prefer it when I'm doing a commission too.
Yes I love birds, have you seen my Hoopoe? That was fun to make.

I do love your peacock paintings, my neighbour has a pair and they spend most of their time in our yard, I've collected many of his beautiful feathers. They are incredible.